jennifer-boyerI have deep experience with the challenges of small business. I owned Thistle Hill Pottery for 39 years, and was one of the partners and the Operations Manager of the Artisans Hand Craft Gallery in Montpelier from 1978 to 2011. I’ve gathered extensive, and valuable experience running these small businesses.

I’ve always loved to do graphic design – brochures, business cards, websites. I made my own web site for the pottery many years ago, and added other sites to my portfolio when friends asked me to help them.¬†I’ve made over 50 websites since 2006, for businesses, services, non-profits, artists, etc. My web work has been satisfying, ¬†allowing me to use my hard-won experience to help others expand their promotion tools on the web.

I like to make simple, intuitive sites that don’t have a lot of bells and whistles to distract from the content that the viewer is trying to focus on. I’ve taken a lot of training work shops in web design, many of them made possible by the Vermont Crafts Council.